Using online virtual envornments, such as Second Life, in academia.

This is a discussion session about the use of virtual realities (simulated realities as some call them) in academics Рfrom teaching and meetings to collaborations, and any other ideas and applications.

The Ohio State University already has its own island called Minerva in Second Life for use by faculty and students. You need a Second Life account (free) and a Second Life Viewer program (also free) to access it.

No experience of prior knowledge of Second Life or other virtual worlds is needed to participate in this open discussion.


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About pugh.104

I grew up in Las Vegas recieveing my BA in Theatre Arts from UNLV, my MA in Theatre from San Francisco State University, and am currently wring my dissertation for my PhD in Theatre at The Ohio State University. As a theatre practitioner I have worked with theatre companies that use cutting edge technology in their work, from Improbable in London, to The Gutherie Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse in the United States. My current focus is on the use of Open Space Technology by the theatre company Improbable for their annual Devoted & Disgruntled conferences. Additionally, I am interested in the use of massively multiplayer online virtual environments and their applications in teaching and performing.