Game Based Learning

Topics: using video games to teach, what’s taught in game and out of game, discussions or assignments & online affinity spaces and how to create them.

I am the coordinator for a video game project funded by the NEH. ( This game will be part of a website that also provides content in the form of simulations and interactives, possibly mini-games and a badging system which is receiving funding from HASTAC ( My interest is in creating a self-sustaining learning community through social networking, crowd-sourcing grading among peers, peer teaching, peer mentoring, informal and formal learning environments and game based learning. I am also interested in assessment issues related to crowd-sourcing grading – in the case of my project – crowd-sourcing the award of a badge, and especially embedded assessment – how to tie what a learner does in the game environment that indicates mastery or at least understanding of the learning objectives, thus, eliminating the need to test, but maybe not the need for outside assignments that demonstrate transfer. Figuring out how to best assess this requires a good research study with excellent pre and post tests – another area for discussion. Finally, a general discussion about using games in the classroom could be great. who’s doing it, how, what is a game, what is a simulation, what place do these have in higher ed. I have created a wiki in Carmen:

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About aubrecht

Michelle Aubrecht, Project coordinator and game development. Research Associate, co-PI (status pending) Ohio State University, Art Education, MA. While a graduate student at Ohio State University, she was a GA at the Digital Union; she became their game pedagogy expert and has grown a program to support and educate faculty, staff and students, reaching over 200 people in diverse departments. She hosted monthly game pedagogy meetings, writes blog articles, teaches workshops, and created a game-based learning wiki. She has written two book chapters on game pedagogy, one published in 2011 by IGI Global and one in press. Michelle is the coordinator and environment artist for the NEH funded project Meet the Earthworks Builders, a video game, and is currently coordinating the HASTAC funded project for the stage 1 winning team, Content, working with partners from Digital Watershed. She also designed and hosted the game-based learning area for eTech Ohio’s 2012 annual conference.

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