Digital storytelling with iPhones/iPads

I recently attended a workshop at OSU with Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling (who’s been to OSU several times and from whom I’ve several previous workshops.)  This one was focused on stories of place, using mobile devices, in this case iPhones and iPads.  I found this mode of film-making  to be much simpler and thus more freeing than I’ve ever felt with a laptop, while still maintaining all the story-creation and the community-building aspects of the OSU Digital Storytelling Program which I’ve been a part of for the last seven years.  I think it be possible to teach the techology in a workshop at ThatCamp for those who are interested.  Those who are interested would need to come prepared with a brief (for this purpose no longer than 1-minute script/poem/etc.) and a short list of free/cheap apps and either an iPhone 3/4/4S  or iPad2/3.  I think several other who took the workshop will be attending so if anyone else wants to collaborate that would be great.  Anyone else who knows iMovie will catch on quickly.  Believe me, this is almost fool-proof.


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I have a Ph.D. in English from UNC-Chapel Hill. I have worked at OSU Libraries for 10 years and currently am the OSU Libraries Subject Librarian for English. For the past six years I've done a lot of work in digital storytelling, particularly in terms of community-building in the academic environment. (I am a founding member of the OSU Digital Storytelling Team.) This summer I will be part of an OSU team sponsoring a digital storytelling workshop for deaf high school students from the Columbus community. Partners include the OSU Dept. of English, the Digital Union, the American Sign Language Program, the Office of Disability Services, and the University Libraries, as well as several community agencies serving the deaf.

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  1. Lewis Ulman says:

    Fascinating! What storytelling apps do you recommend?

  2. black.367 says:

    I’m very interested in this session, Anne. What apps should have I installed on my iPhone in order to participate?

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