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Critical Emotion/Pathos/Affect and Digital Technology

Proposed By: Will Kurlinkus and Katie DeLuca From Joseph Weizenbaum’s shock that the secretarial staff were nightly confessing their innermost emotions to his ELIZA program to Vannevar Bush’s warning that “If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling with iPhones/iPads

I recently attended a workshop at OSU with Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling (who’s been to OSU several times and from whom I’ve several previous workshops.)  This one was focused on stories of place, using mobile devices, … Continue reading

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Session on Peer Review

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, in the first chapter of her highly stimulating book, Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy (which is available online), argues that peer review is at the center of all the work of humanists in … Continue reading

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A national archive for digital story telling

I’ve been working on collecting digital stories from Columbus community members since the spring of 2009. The Knowledge Bank folks have been very generous and provided a portal for the work completed in the Hilltop area of town and will, … Continue reading

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Copyright and DH (session idea)

Digitization, text mining, creating and using open-source software…digital humanities work is full of potential copyright issues. If you’d like to talk about the rights implications of DH work at THATCamp, we would be happy to set up a workshop or … Continue reading

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Libraries and digital humanities (resources and session ideas)

It is fitting that the Libraries is the primary sponsor of THATCamp OSU, since libraries are a major player in the digital humanities world. Many DH centers are located in libraries, and librarians often serve as project partners or PIs. … Continue reading

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Collaborative Context: the CIC Digital Humanities Summit – a working session

The CIC Digital Humanities Summit is being held the week before OSU THATCamp and a few of us will be attending both events.  The purpose of the Summit is to form a stronger CIC faculty community and networks in digital … Continue reading

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Collaboration (resources and session ideas)

[I’ve had this post in the works for a couple of days now, and Blake Wilder beat me to the punch with an interesting session proposal. I hope the thoughts and links below will inform his and other sessions. –Melanie] … Continue reading

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Collaborative Creation – a “writing” panel

I’ve been using both iMovie and prezi as platforms for composition assignments in my classes. I’m wondering if we could get a a group together and collectively compose some short project in one of these platforms. Obviously there would be … Continue reading

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Proposing sessions FAQ

**4/24/12: We have added an additional FAQ post.** As you can see from the Participants page, THATCamp OSU is well over half full! We expect more registrations to keep trickling in over the next couple of months, but in the … Continue reading

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