Libraries and digital humanities (resources and session ideas)

It is fitting that the Libraries is the primary sponsor of THATCamp OSU, since libraries are a major player in the digital humanities world. Many DH centers are located in libraries, and librarians often serve as project partners or PIs. The best model for library involvement in DH is still an open question, however. We certainly hope that there will be some discussion at THATCamp of how the Libraries can best support DH at OSU.  Keep reading for some resources and session ideas.


Session ideas

  • A general discussion session on how the Libraries can/should support DH work at OSU.
  • Project planning session introducing an item or collection held by the Libraries that could form the basis of a collaborative DH project.
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  1. THATCampOSU says:

    Also see this blog post by Jennifer Vinopal on how DH is important to the future of libraries.

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