DH and pedagogy (resources)

Lots of you have expressed an interest in talking about DH in the classroom and teaching with digital media. For a straight ‘teaching with digital media’ discussion, there are some other venues on campus (for example, check out Innovate, the DU’s eLearning Events, and the Exploring Learning Technologies Community), so how might we focus the conversation so that it’s relevant to THATCamp and a discussion of what digital humanities means at OSU?

We might begin with some questions in mind. For starters, what is the current state of DH pedagogy at OSU?

  • Where does DH currently appear in OSU classrooms?
  • What opportunities do students have at OSU outside the classroom to participate in DH research or learn about it?

Broadening the scope, what does the larger world of DH education look like?

  • What does DH education look like at other universities?
  • What kinds of instruction/experiences produce humanities graduates who are qualified to do DH work?

Plenty of other people are thinking about this stuff as well, and no one has all the answers. Some places to start:

  • Bethany Nowviskie’s guest post on the Chronicle’s ProfHacker blog, It Starts on Day One. It’s “a modest proposal for reforming higher education in the humanities and creating a generation of knowledge workers prepared not only to teach, research, and communicate in 21st-century modes, but to govern 21st-century institutions.”
  • Digital Humanities Unplugged, an article in Digital Humanities Quarterly about teaching DH without technology
  • Katherine Harris’ poster from the Digital Humanities conference last summer at Stanford: Pedagogy & Play: Revising Learning through Digital Humanities. A quick read about the importance of play in teaching.
  • There’s already a ton of good information on Tanya Clement’s new site Teaching DH. Check out the reading list for a huge collection of resources related to DH and pedagogy.
  • And some syllabi from DH-related courses in the new Digital Humanities Education group on Zotero
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  1. THATCampOSU says:

    Another tidbit for those interested in how to teach DH: The City University of New York just announced a Digital Humanities track in their interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program.

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