Call for ‘Virtual Campers’

Your friendly THATCamp organizers received an inquiry from someone who can’t attend the unconference itself, but wants to participate in the discussion on the site beforehand, and stay in the loop on digital humanities developments afterwards. Our response? What a great idea!

As of now, THATCamp OSU is open to a new category of registrants: Virtual Campers. Keep reading to learn more.

You should register as a Virtual Camper if:

  • You cannot attend THATCamp OSU in person
  • You want to be able to comment on the site and participate in the discussion
  • You want to be added to whatever OSU DH interest group comes out of the event (no, we don’t know what that will look like, but we’re sure THATCamp participants will be contacted about future DH stuff on campus)

To register, go to the Register page and fill out the form, making sure to identify yourself as a Virtual Camper. There isn’t a check box or anything since we just made this up, so include it in your answer to why you want to come to THATCamp. Also, please include this sentence as the first line in your Bio: “I am attending THATCamp OSU as a Virtual Camper.” Once you are registered, you will look just like any other participant on the site, so this is the only way others will know you aren’t attending the event in person.

If you register as a Virtual Camper, you will NOT be reserved a spot for the day itself. Registration is limited to 60 people, and we do expect it to fill up, so if you find that you can attend after all, please contact the organizers to see if there is still a space available for you.

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