Plenary session and guest facilitator

THATCamp OSU will be held from approximately 8am to 5pm on Saturday, April 28th. Most of the day will consist of unconference-style participant-led sessions, but the organizers are setting aside the last time slot for a special plenary session that we hope all of the participants will attend. The plenary will be a discussion session meant to synthesize the results of the day and begin creating two documents – a definition of ‘digital humanities’ that fits our local environment, and a list of desired support for digital humanities work at OSU. These documents will be shared with our sponsors and with OSU administration, and are meant to serve as a jumping-off point for discussion and development of a local digital humanities program.

The plenary session will be led by our guest facilitator, Julia Flanders. Julia is the director of the Women Writers Project at Brown University, and a member of Brown University Library’s Center for Digital Scholarship. The Women Writers Project is “a long-term research project devoted to early modern women’s writing and electronic text encoding.” (Learn more about the Project here.) Julia is also the Editor in Chief of Digital Humanities Quarterly, an open access, peer-reviewed journalĀ covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities, and has held leadership roles in the Association for Computing in the Humanities and theĀ  Text Encoding Initiative Consortium. We are very excited to work with Julia at our THATCamp, and are grateful to the OSU Libraries for providing the support for us to bring her here.

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